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Tickets Available Now- ACDC Annual Fall Dinner   

ACDC Annual Fall Dinner

14 for 2014

October 10, 2014 - Thursday
Gettysburg Hotel

Come join us for the annual Adams County Democratic Committee dinner at the Gettysburg Hotel on Friday October 10. We will begin the social hour at 6:00pm, dinner will be served at 7:00pm.

Joe Sestak will be the Keynote Speaker for the evening, and will be honoring Helen Sajer with our annual "Hero Among Us Award", for her work supporting Democratic candidates and especially her support and leadership of Pennsylvania Wounded Warriors. A special introduction to Helen will be posted shortly.

Tickets are $50 per person, and the meal choices will be either a Marinated London Broil with Sherried Mushrooms or a Polenta Napoleon with Braised Greens & Roasted Pepper.

Menu Choice: Guest 1
Menu Choice: Guest 2
Menu Choice: Guest 3
Menu Choice: Guest 4

Please RSVP by October 1st.

If you would like to recognize Helen Sajer's Lifetime Achievement with us, consider contributing an additional $50 donation. With this donation, your name will be featured on the program. For $100, your name will be included on the invitation sent out as well. The late Maj. Gen. Gerald Sajer and his wife, Helen, have been on the frontlines of aiding veteran families. They founded the non-profit Pennsylvania Wounded Warriors in 2006. A full description is located below.
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Interested in sponsoring a student? Any donation will be graciously accepted to help a local, young democrat to attend the dinner.
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Email Susan Knight with any questions.

Interested in Pennsylvanian Access to Healthcare?

14 for 2014

This upcoming November election, Pennsylvanians will be voting for one of two gubernatorial candidates: Tom Corbett or Tom Wolf. They each have a different idea as to how to use the federal funds offered to each state to increase health care coverage for roughly 500,000 citizens.

What are these plans, and how will they address, or meet, Pennsylvania's needs?

Students and the public are invited to participate in the presentation and discussion on Wednesday, October 1, at 7:00 PM in the College Union Building of Gettysburg College on Lincoln Avenue, room 260.

Moriah Adams, a Gettysburg College senior majoring in health sciences, will moderate the panel, and present the context for the conversation. Adams will explain Medicaid Expansion, the broadened need for health insurance coverage, and the divide between the positions of Tom Corbett and his opponent Tom Wolf, our two candidates for governor.

Jennifer Englerth is the CEO of Family First Health, a Community Health Center with locations in York, Lewisberry, Hanover and Gettysburg. Recently Englerth was appointed to the Pennsylvania Department of Health's Office of Health Equity Advisory Committee.

Antoinette Kraus is the Executive Director of the PA Health Access Network (PHAN) and will be the expert comparing the policy options. PHAN's mission is to protect high quality health insurance coverage for individuals and businesses and to expand coverage to the uninsured.

Candidates Set to Debate

14 for 2014

Live on October 1, PCN will provide coverage of the second Gubernatorial Debate of the Governor's Race. Incumbent Republican Governor Tom Corbett will face off against Democratic Candidate for Governor Tom Wolf in their second debate, held at KYW-TV studios in Philadelphia. To check out a live feed of the debate, View Here

A Very Successful Wolf Fundraiser

A Message from Our Chair

14 for 2014

I wanted to take the time to thank all who came to the fundraiser for candidate Tom Wolf held at the home of David Rice and Dora Townsend . It was a lovely event and very well attended. To date we have raised over $22,000 for the event.

I didn't realize just how impressive this effort was until I received an email from the Montgomery County Democratic Committee touting their being able to raise $100,000 on behalf of Mr. Wolf at a fundraiser over the weekend. That is indeed a wonderful result and I congratulate them on their effort.

Then I thought about what we did and feel more proud of our efforts of raising over 1/5th what they raised in a county like Montgomery.

Consider this:
Number of Democrats in Montgomery County: 262,000. Number in Adams County: 20,000 Ratio of 13:1
Number of elected members to Congress: Montgomery County: 2, Adams County, 0
Number of Members to the State House or Senate, Montgomery County: 12, Adams County 0
County Commissioners, Montgomery County: 2, Adams County: 1
Number of Row offices held, Montgomery County 5, Adams County: 1

So Adams County: with all the successes in Montgomery County and with all their resources, we did a superb job in showing our financial support for Tom Wolf. We are a county with a "can do" attitude and we do it!

Thanks again for all your efforts and all your work. You are one amazing group of people to work with!
-Roger Lund, Chair, Adams County Democratic Committee

At Democratic Club Picnic Admiral Joe Sestak Endorses Linda Thompson for Congress

14 for 2014

At today's annual Adams County Democratic Club picnic in Littlestown, former U.S. Congressman and U.S. Senate Candidate Admiral Joe Sestak endorsed Linda Thompson in her run for the Pennsylvania 4th Congressional District.

Thompson was overjoyed to receive the endorsement from Sestak. She told the group of Adams County Democrats that she is running for Congress so that all the people of the 4th district will have a voice in Washington. She supports raising the minimum wage, equal pay for women and will defend the rights of all women to make their own decisions on reproductive rights. Thompson faces conservative Republican incumbent Scott Perry in November.

Along with giving his endorsement to Thompson, Sestak, who plans to run for U.S. Senate in 2016, addressed the group on the importance of turning out and supporting candidates who will stand up for the rights of everyone. The assembled Democrats also heard from Paul Bart who is running for State House, County Commissioner Marty Qually and County Treasurer Terry Adamik.

WHP TV, the CBS Affiliate in Harrisburg, covered the event and interviewed Linda Thompson and Joe Sestak.

Despite the rainy, chilly weather there was a good turnout and all who attended are ready to stand up for their candidates in November.

Election Heats up After Labor Day
Time to Support Linda Thompson and Tom Wolf

As Democrats this is our big chance to support all middle class Pennsylvanians by showing our support and voting for Tom Wolf for Governor and Linda Thompson for U.S. Congress. Sometimes showing your support starts in your own front yard. Stop by ACDC Headquarters for Linda Thompson and Tom Wolf yard signs. We also have Wolf bumper stickers.

We all know that their opponents, Tom Corbett and Scott Perry, are backed by big money from the 1% and their Tea Party pals. You may have already seen the latest Corbett campaign ads which now feature a big macho man actor spouting the same twisted half truths about everything from taxes to health care.

What do you say to your Republican and independent friends to counter this propaganda? Check out this link from NBC 10 in Philadelphia to see the top 5 differences between Wolf and Corbett: View Here

It is not hard to see who is the friend of the middle class and who isn't!

Linda Thompson is a friend of the middle class and Scott Perry is not!! Remember last October when Perry was part of the charge to shut the government down? Here in Gettysburg, with the Battlefield closed, Scott Perry brought us vacant hotel rooms, empty restaurant tables, parked tour busses and souvenirs gathering dust on the shelves!

Unlike Scott Perry, Linda Thompson supports raising the minimum wage, equal pay for women, health care and countless other programs that benefit the middle class.
Find out more on her Website: View Here

We have a big chance this year to return Harrisburg and Washington to the people. Show your support, help campaign, and don’t forget to vote!

An Introduction to Our "Hero Among Us"

14 for 2014
Helen Sajer

The late Maj. Gen. Gerald Sajer and his wife, Helen, have been on the frontlines of aiding veteran families. They founded the non-profit Pennsylvania Wounded Warriors in 2006.

Since the passing of General Sajer in May 2011, She tirelessly kept up the work of PA Wounded Warriors.

This work started simply by visiting wounded soldiers and their families at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Washington DC.

The Sajers began bringing wounded soldiers and their families for weekend trips to their farm in northern Adams County. Helen recalls the first families that came and how one soldier, heavily medicated for depression, slept all afternoon. At the end of the weekend, the soldier told her, "This is the most relaxed we've been since we came back from Iraq."

Through the years, the Sajers continued to bring veterans to their farm. A nurse, Helen is able to provide special care and cater to dietary restrictions. As friends and neighbors learned what was going on, they donated food, transportation and recreation. As word spread, PA Wounded Warriors started working with the VA Hospital in Lebanon and getting calls about other veteran needs. These included helping wounded veterans with rent assistance, financial counseling and providing prepared gas cards so families could visit their wounded vets in hospitals. When she gets a call PA Wounded Warriors will respond within 24 hours. They don't give money directly to soldiers, but they will help with gift cards or to pay certain critical bills. PA Wounded Warriors focuses on the long recovery process and is a true grassroots effort. All "staff" are volunteers. Organizations as diverse as the Camp Hill Woman’s Club, Girl Scouts troops and AFSCME retirees raise money.

Caring for others, especially wounded Veterans is what makes Helen Sajer tick. This is why she will be honored by the Adams County Democratic Committee as 2014's Hero Among us award.

Interested in becoming a Committee Person?

Join us today!

The Adams County Democratic Committee is always looking for driven, inspiring democrats to further our message and goals throughout the Adams County Community. If you haven't gotten involved yet, but want more information, check out our detailed explanations of duties and process here. We hope to see you soon!! For more information, please contact the Political Action Committee.

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Sometimes people ask: "What has President Obama Accomplished?"

Here is a small list of President Obama's accomplishments:
  • Signed into law an economic plan that saved America from a depression, restored growth, and created or saved as many as 3.6 million jobs.
  • Signed into law landmark health insurance reform that holds insurance companies accountable, gives people and small businessess greater control of health care, and improves the quality of health care for all Americans.
  • Fought against Wall Street lobbyists to sign into law historic consumer protections and financial reforms that shield American families from unfair lending practices from credit card and mortgage companies, rein in the excesses of Wall Street, and work to prevent future financial crises.
  • Reformed the college loan system by ending subsidies to banks and using the money to make college more affordable. He also invested in community colleges that are providing Americans with the skills they need to succeed in today's economy.
  • Rescued the American auto industry, which saved millions of American jobs and helped GM and Chrysler become profitable again while repaying taxpayers.
  • Repealed �Don�t Ask, Don�t Tell,� which makes it possible for individuals to serve in the military regardless of their sexual orientation.
  • Helped women get the equal pay they deserve by signing into law the Lilly Ledbetter Act.
  • Supported the Returning Heroes Tax Credit and the Wounded Warriors Tax Credit.
  • As a result of the Heathcare Act over 500,000 veterans previously denied care will now be eligible for VA Health Care by 2013.
  • Increased funding for the VA every year of his administration.
  • Ended the war in Iraq, initiated a responsible drawdown of forces in Afghanistan, and ordered the operation that killed Osama bin Laden.
Read more about the President's Record:

A Short List of Democratic Accomplishments

  • 8-Hour Workday
  • Social Security
  • Minimum Wage Law
  • G.I. Bill of Rights
  • Marshall Plan
  • NATO
  • Peace Corps
  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Operation Head Start
  • Civil Rights Act of 1964
  • Voting Rights Act of 1965
  • Water Quality Act
  • Clean Air Act
  • First Man on the Moon
  • Women's Suffrage Amendment
  • Workers Compensation Act
  • Unemployment Compensation Act
  • Rural Electrification Act
  • Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
  • Federal Home Loan Program
  • Securities & Exchange Act
  • Guaranteed Student Loan Program � Family and Medical Leave Act
  • School Lunch Program
  • Motor Voter Act
  • 100,000 New police on U.S. streets
  • Balanced budget in 1998 as a result of the Balanced Act 1993
  • Davis-Bacon Act

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