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Petitions and Chili: A Success Story

The Adams County Democratic Committee held its second annual Chili fundraiser and petition signing event on February 4 and this year’s event was a success!


President Biden, Senator Casey and Eugene DePasquale for PA Attorney General received 400 signatures each!  Almost 400 signatures were gathered for Malcolm Kenyatta for PA Auditor General. Ryan Bizzarro for PA Treasurer gathered more than 330 signatures.


The event also contributed significantly to the numbers needed for the three delegates to the Democratic National Convention.


The biggest impact was for two local candidates, Beth Farnham for Congress and Cameron Schroy for PA Senate. Each received more than 500 signatures! 


Farnham and Schroy also had people individually circulating petitions to their family and friends, which increased their totals above those collected through Headquarters and Committee members.


The chili and grilled cheese fundraiser added much needed funds to keep the committee thriving as it seeks to lead throughout this crucial election year!

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