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Preferred Democratic Candidates

The Democratic Committee creates a list of preferred candidates for each general election to assist in the voting process. Democratic Headquarters is open every day from noon to 4 pm. The committee attempts to make printed copies of candidate information available to all who want to know more. Volunteers are available to answer questions from callers and visitors about the candidates and elections.


The office is staffed from 7 am to 8 pm. on Election Day. Please call 717-337-5285 or drop by at 24 Chambersburg Street, Gettysburg.

Preferred Candidates for 

November 2023 General Election:

Supreme Court

Judge Daniel McCaffery

Superior Court (vote for both candidates)

Jill Beck

Judge Timika Lane


Commonwealth Court (vote for one candidate)

Judge Matt Wolf


PA Superior Court (vote yes)

Judge Jack Panella, President Judge of the Superior Court
Retention Vote

Adams County Commissioner (vote for both)

Marty Qually

Robert Smith


Adams County School Boards

In Pennsylvania, School Board candidates may “Cross File” which means they appear on your ballot as Democratic/Republican. Below are the registered Democrats by district:


Conewago Valley:

Andrew Sipe (Region 1)
Beth Farnham (Region 2)



Lashay Kalathas
Jennifer Holz
Lauren Clark
Kelly Christiano
Lisa Sturges



Alice Broadway
Eliabeth Blanc
Rachael Stull

Casey Dell
Wendy Logue


Upper Adams:

Denise Van Essen


Adams County

Democratic Candidates For Local Offices



Scott Howell, Borough Council

Daniel Kuhn, Borough Council

Martha Shriver, Borough Council



Melinda Elnaggar, Borough Council

Robert Smith, Borough Council



Michelle Study, Borough Auditor

Karen Pearce, Borough Auditor


Carroll Valley Borough:

Sara Laird, Borough Council 


Conewago Township:

Averlon Hinds, Supervisor


East Berlin:

Robert Larson, Borough Council 



Patricia Smith, Borough Council

Sarah Thomas, Borough Council  


Freedom Township:

Paul Kellett, Supervisor

Elaine Floyd, Auditor



Chad-Alan Carr, Borough Council At-Large


Gettysburg Ward 1:

Kierstan Belle, Borough Council


Gettysburg Ward 2:

Matt Moon, Borough Council


Gettysburg Ward 3:

Alisha Sanders, Borough Council


Hamiltonban Township:

Lashay Kalathas, Tax Collector


Mt. Pleasant Township:

Bob Rhoads, Supervisor

Marcia Wilson, Write-In for Supervisor

Marcia Wilson, Auditor


Tyrone Township:

Rosalie Dashoff, Supervisor

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